Company Description:

Anima Vitae Point creates international animated films and series with passion and a unique approach. As a company, we strive to be innovative, nurture fresh ideas, and employ artists and technical personnel side by side. As the home of other super-talented artists and technicians, Anima is a place where you truly can make an impact on your work, ideas, and craftsmanship.

We are currently looking for a FX Artist to join our quest.


Job Summary:

FX Artist is responsible for creating computerized animations and  special effects, fixing up details for film media, and following instructions to complete a project. You will be working closely with a team to help refine the FX pipeline and processes. They will be tasked with applying the FX setups across a variety of different shots.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Works with the FX TDs and FX Lead to complete more complex shots
  • Is able to understand and implement subtle feedback notes from FX Lead/FX Supervisor. Has an ability to continuously improve to gain final approval as efficiently as possible
  • Is familiar with the FX pipeline, can find and apply all necessary upstream data
  • Is familiar with proprietary tools and scripts within the department
  • Working with other people to develop and create superior special effects and obeying the work rules and regulations in compliance with the execution of the standardized projects
  • Execute FX tasks using Houdini
  • Design and create FX animation, procedural simulations, dynamic simulations, particle and fluid systems
  • Light and render FX elements and produce composites to showcase ideas and concepts
  • A great artistic eye for details, with an excellent sense of timing and scale
  • Maintain and contribute to the department’s best working practice in FX
  • Create tools and code to facilitate automated workflows
  • Explore and recommend new FX techniques and software
  • Shares artistic knowledge with team, and supports them when needed


Required Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in graphic design, animation, multimedia design, fine art, film studies or CGI and 3D
  • A solid understanding of the Animation/VFX production pipeline
  • Proven and demonstrable experience in high-end CG/VFX
  • Good generalist knowledge of CG software such as Maya, Houdini, Nuke and etc
  • Good working knowledge of FX techniques, workflow and software
  • Some understanding of most CG techniques and technologies
  • Proactive in picking up proprietary tools
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and management skills
  • Experience in scripting and tool development using MEL, Python is a plus
  • A Good Team player