Itse valtiaat / The Autocrats

TV Series | 2001-2008

The Autocrats (Itse valtiaat) was a Finnish political satire TV series, which takes the viewer behind the scenes of the politics of Finland 

Over 200 episodes were produced (14 seasons) and also a feature film The Emperor’s Secret (2006) and multiple television movies based on the series. The series has won many awards in Finland including the golden Venla award and Telvis award – both for Best Entertainment Program. 

The Production technique of The Autocrats was groundbreaking: a team of 5 artists made 14 minutes of new material each week, which was probably a world record at the time. This super-efficient workflow was necessary to keep the show’s political topics current. 

Running time: 7’ pilot, 11’-15’ episodes 

Client: Filmiteollisuus