Niko & The Way to the Stars

Feature film | 2008

Niko & The Way to the Stars is an adventure tale about a young reindeer boy Niko´s quest to find his absent father, whom he believes to be a member of the world famous Santa´s Flying Forces. Niko sets out to Lappish winter wilderness to find his dad, whom he actually has never met. His best friend and mentor, an old flying squirrel Julius decides to help his friend, even though nobody knows where Santa lives. 

Niko & The Way to the Stars was produced in cooperation between Anima Vitae and Cinemaker – two Finnish production companies. The film was co-produced with A.Film, Magma Films and Ulysses GmbH. Niko & The Way to the Stars (2008) was sold to 118 countries and was also nominated for the Best Feature at the European Film Awards. At the Jussi Awards ceremony – Finnish Oscars – Niko was awarded for best film and best screenplay and it was also nominated for best director. 

Running time: 80 minutes 

Directed by: Michael Hegner, Kari Juusonen 

Written by: Mark Hodkinson, Marteinn Thorisson, Hannu Tuomainen 

Production companies: Anima, Cinemaker, A.Film, Magma Films, Ulysses GmbH