Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble

Feature film | 2012

Niko, a young reindeer boy, secretly wishes his mom and dad would get back together so they could be a real family – something they have never been as dad left to be a famous pilot in Santa’s Flying Forces. One day mom brings the news on Niko; she’s met a guy, an ordinary reindeer, Lenni, and he and his little son Jonni will be moving in. Niko´s world is shaken: he will no longer be the only child. Furthermore, when called upon to look after this darn cute little step brother, Jonni goes missing and Niko must embark on a dangerous journey to save him. 

Anima was nominated for Cartoon Movie Tributes 2013 in the category “European Producer of the Year” for the fantastic success of Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble.  

Running time: 79 minutes 

Directed by: Kari Juusonen, Jørgen Lerdam 

Written by: Marteinn Thorisson, Hannu Tuomainen 

Production companies: Anima, Cinemaker, A.Film, Magma Films, Ulysses GmbH