The Adventures of Little Penguin

TV Series | 2023

Experience the thrilling and action-packed escapades of Oscar, a small penguin, as he embarks on extraordinary adventures in captivating settings! This young penguin is determined to uncover the wonders of the world, meeting new characters who teach him about himself, but also about others. He quickly discovers that it’s not the destination that matters, but rather the people you meet along the journey.

Anima as a service studio has had a crucial role in the production of the 50 episodes of the series, overseeing everything from layout and animation to the final stages of the production process. Anima’s expertise has ensured that every aspect of the series has been meticulously handled, bringing it to life in a seamless and captivating manner.

Running time: 52 x 5′

Clients: Luce creative for Tencent